Mar 4 2023

Updated PI plugin to version 2.1. This update includes small bug fixes to improve memory usage and new download page with more download options.
This release was also build using new pipeline that will make it easier for me to update StarNet in the future.

Feb 12 2023

Image Container PI plugin update

This update that solves the problem with Image Container not processing linear images correctly. ‘Linear data’ option relied purely on STF parameters set by user, so when you process linear images using Image Container it did not stretch images.

Now if you check ‘Linear data’ option, but STF defines a set of identity transformations, it will auto-stretch an image instead. This solves the problem.

For this auto-stretch, I have also introduced target background and shadows clipping parameters just like in STF, so you can finetune the amount of auto-stretch. These variables can only be changed by editing the instance source code, I decided against introducing them into GUI because I imagine changing them will be very rarely needed, most of the time user should still use STF GUI to define the exact stretch they want.

Mar 5 2022

PI plugin bug fixed

The bug with the sum of star_mask and starless image not yielding original image (for linear images) has been fixed!

Feb 16 2022

See great article by Jean-Baptiste

Astrophotographer Jean-Baptiste created a great article with detailed analysis of StarNet’s performance. Cloudy Nights thread about it is here.

Feb 07 2022

Cross-platform GUI for Starnet

The official GUI for StarNet is only available for windows, but there is also unofficial cross-platform GUI developed by JJ Teoh. The GUI features drag-and-drop functionality and batch processing, which some people will find useful. You can download it from here.